Our Solutions

Our range of services, from penetration testing and security assessments to training and consultancy, are designed to arm you with the tools necessary to protect your digital assets. We not only safeguard your systems but also help you navigate compliance and data protection with ease.

Trust BEAM to guide you through the complexities of cybersecurity, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your information.




Tackling cybersecurity challenges

In today's evolving digital landscape, organizations confront myriad cybersecurity threats.

BEAM offers tailored solutions, helping businesses navigate these challenges with confidence.

The Beam Cybersecurity

4P Framework

Governance of Security Programs

Through in-depth consultation, we help you govern your security programs effectively, outlining a clear and proactive strategy that is in harmony with your business objectives.

Prevention of Cyber Threats

Leveraging advanced threat intelligence and innovative technology solutions, we focus on pre-emptive measures to ward off cyber threats before they impact your business.

Secure User Access

We design and implement robust security controls to ensure secure user access and safeguard your digital assets from potential breaches.

Ensured Data Privacy

With data being a critical asset, we prioritize its privacy, ensuring the confidential information you hold is secured and complies with relevant data protection laws and regulations.


Step into the future of cybersecurity

We proudly offer two innovative products, BeamSec and STAP, meticulously designed and tailored to meet the unique challenges of modern cybersecurity landscapes
Unlock superior cybersecurity with our advanced, purpose-built tools, designed to guard your digital presence and propel your business forward.


Streamlined Management for Your Security Operation Center

STAP, developed by BEAM, is an innovative solution designed to manage your security operation center processes seamlessly.


Fortify Your Digital Frontier with BEAM's Elite Cybersecurity Solutions!

From thorough testing and evaluation to advanced code analysis, secure software development, managed security services, training, and compliance, we are fully equipped to meet your diverse cybersecurity needs.

Testing & Evaluation

Your Gateway to Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation Services.


Secure Development Life Cycle & Code Analysis

Crafting Secure Software with Advanced Life Cycle Management and Code Analysis.


Managed Security Services

Ensuring Round-the-Clock Protection with Managed Security Services.


Training & Consultancy

Empowering Your Team with Knowledge.


Compliance & Data Protection

Achieve Compliance and Safeguard Your Data.

Our Impact

Transforming Security Landscapes

At BEAM, we pride ourselves on making a tangible impact in the cybersecurity industry. Our success stories paint a picture of how we have revolutionized cybersecurity practices, mitigating risks, and enhancing security for numerous businesses. Here are some of the transformations we’ve instigated and continue to champion.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing

A top finance institution enhanced its security through our Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities to fortify its digital defenses.

Seamless SOC Installation & Consulting

Leveraging our understanding of corporate needs and technical acuity, we helped a large-scale corporation overhaul its Security Operations Center (SOC), boosting their defense against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Education & Consulting

For a government agency, we delivered tailored education and consulting programs. The resulting uplift in their cybersecurity awareness and capability has significantly reduced potential security risks.


Assisting a telecom giant achieve full compliance with Personal Data Protection Law, we fortified their data protection strategies, ensuring legal adherence and enhancing their reputation for data security.


Explore the World of Cybersecurity With Us

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cyber security solutions that empower businesses to safeguard their data.