BEAM Teknoloji Launches BEAM SEC MARK: Setting New Standards in Cybersecurity Certification

(Ankara, Turkey) – In response to the escalating cyber threats and stringent regulatory demands, BEAM Teknoloji is proud to introduce the BEAM SEC MARK, ‘Cyber Resilience Certificate of Conformity’, a pioneering certification that sets a new benchmark for trust and compliance in the cybersecurity landscape. BEAM SEC MARK validates connected and digital products, in alignment with the EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) U.S Cyber Trust Mark, focuses on non-critical ‘Default’ or ‘Unclassified’ categories of products, providing manufacturers and users alike with a beacon of assurance in the face of digital vulnerabilities.

“Our dedication to advancing cyber resilience through the BEAM SEC MARK exemplifies our commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding the cybersecurity expectations of today and tomorrow,” said Mehmet Cakir, CEO at BEAM Teknoloji.

The BEAM SEC MARK Evaluation Methodology represents a multidimensional approach to cybersecurity certification. It integrates comprehensive compliance checks, in-depth security functionality reviews, proactive vulnerability assessments, and a continuous improvement process to ensure that certified products not only meet current legislative requirements but are also prepared for future regulatory evolutions. Led by a team of cybersecurity experts, this methodology fosters stakeholder collaboration and offers customized evaluation frameworks tailored to the specific needs of each product type and company.

The BEAM SEC MARK differentiates itself by offering customized solutions, agile response capabilities, and educational empowerment, ensuring that companies can adapt quickly to new threats and regulatory changes while implementing best cybersecurity practices. For more information about the BEAM SEC MARK please visit.

About BEAM Teknoloji

BEAM Teknoloji is a leader in cybersecurity solutions, renowned for its innovative approaches and commitment to security excellence. With decades of expertise, BEAM provides cutting-edge technology solutions and services that empower businesses to thrive securely in the digital age.


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