BEAM Teknoloji’s CTO Takes Stage at CIDC-2023 in Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan, October 26-27 — The Baku Congress Center played host to the highly anticipated “Critical Infrastructure Defense Challenge 2023” (CIDC-2023), a collaborative effort by the State Service of Special Communication and Information Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the State Security Service, and the Association of Cybersecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan (ACOA).


This premier event convened an assembly of global experts in information security, featuring 10 dynamic presentations and 5 thought-provoking panel discussions. Key topics included “CERTs and Critical Infrastructure Security,” “Emerging Cyber Threats,” “Initiating Information Security Measures,” and “Robust Cyberattack Defense.”

Emre Cakir, the Chief Technology Officer of BEAM Teknoloji, made a significant contribution during a panel discussion titled “What should we start with?” His insights offered valuable perspectives on the initiation of cybersecurity measures, reinforcing BEAM’s commitment to excellence in cybersecurity.

Adding an exciting dimension to CIDC-2023, Azerbaijan hosted a groundbreaking “Cyber War” competition. Attracting 20 IT teams from diverse sectors, including state institutions, critical infrastructure organizations, banks, and telecommunications enterprises, the competition unfolded over two intense days. Teams engaged in a virtual warfare exercise, simulating cyber attacks and refining their skills to safeguard critical information systems.

Complementing the competition, 6 “master classes” catered to both beginners and professionals. These specialized training sessions, led by esteemed local and international experts, enriched participants’ knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

The “Critical Infrastructure Defense Challenge 2023” emerged as a resounding success, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts and participants in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.


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