Qatar Cyber Assurance Conference Enriched by BEAM Teknoloji’s Insights

Doha, Qatar – September 28, 2023 – The National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) hosted Qatar’s second Cyber Assurance Conference, centering on ‘Governing the Cybersecurity Supply Chain.’ Esteemed attendees, including government ministers and cybersecurity experts, aimed to raise awareness and promote initiatives for securing Qatar’s digital landscape. As Beam Teknoloji, we actively participated as a keynote speaker and exhibitor, showcasing our innovative solutions in Qatar Cyber Assurance Conference.

Key conference highlights included launching accreditation programs for cybersecurity service providers and hardware/software security certificates, aligning with global standards. Qatar achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Middle Eastern country to grant internationally recognized information security vetting certifications to hardware/software vendors like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Protiviti, OISSG Consultancy, and BSI Middle East.

The event featured insightful presentations, with international experts from Singapore, Turkiye, and Germany sharing experiences. Workshops on obtaining penetration testing certification and lectures on regional leadership in information technology security were also conducted.

Our CEO, Mehmet Cakir, delivered a keynote speech on Information Technology Security Vetting and Common Criteria, enriching the discourse on cybersecurity practices. The conference, attended by approximately 280 professionals, including government officials and cybersecurity specialists, served as a testament to Qatar’s commitment to strengthen its cybersecurity landscape.

BEAM Teknoloji’s CTO Takes Stage at CIDC-2023 in Baku

This premier event convened an assembly of global experts in information security, featuring 10 dynamic presentations and 5 thought-provoking panel discussions. Key topics included “CERTs and Critical Infrastructure Security,” “Emerging Cyber Threats,” “Initiating Information Security Measures,” and “Robust Cyberattack Defense.”

Emre Cakir, the Chief Technology Officer of BEAM Teknoloji, made a significant contribution during a panel discussion titled “What should we start with?” His insights offered valuable perspectives on the initiation of cybersecurity measures, reinforcing BEAM’s commitment to excellence in cybersecurity.

Adding an exciting dimension to CIDC-2023, Azerbaijan hosted a groundbreaking “Cyber War” competition. Attracting 20 IT teams from diverse sectors, including state institutions, critical infrastructure organizations, banks, and telecommunications enterprises, the competition unfolded over two intense days. Teams engaged in a virtual warfare exercise, simulating cyber attacks and refining their skills to safeguard critical information systems.

Complementing the competition, 6 “master classes” catered to both beginners and professionals. These specialized training sessions, led by esteemed local and international experts, enriched participants’ knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

The “Critical Infrastructure Defense Challenge 2023” emerged as a resounding success, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts and participants in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.


BEAM Teknoloji Participates in Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) 2023

Toronto, September 27— BEAM Teknoloji participated in the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) 2023, an event that showcases the latest advancements in automation, robotics, additive manufacturing, machine tools, metal forming, fabricating, and digital transformation. Hosted every other year and alternating with IMTS in Chicago, CMTS attracted professionals and experts from diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, government, commercial and industrial, and oil and gas.

The event, held on the 27th of September, provided a platform for BEAM to engage with Canadian and Turkish companies operating in the automotive sector. As part of a thought-provoking panel discussion organized by the Canada Turkey Business Council and DEİK – Foreign Economic Relations Board, BEAM’s representative, Murat Guvenc, shared his insights on emerging technologies and cybersecurity challenges faced by advanced manufacturers. The panel discussion explored crucial topics, emphasizing the importance of powerful cybersecurity solutions in an era of rapid technological evolution. 

As advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies continue to reshape industries, cybersecurity remains a top priority for companies seeking to secure their operations. BEAM shows its expertise and commitment to providing cybersecurity solutions that are customized to the unique needs of the manufacturing sector. 

AFEX 2023

BEAM Teknoloji Boosts Global Trade Networks at AFEX’23 in Istanbul

Istanbul, Türkiye, August 29 – BEAM Teknoloji participated in and sponsored the Africa Export Forum (AFEX’23), a premier event organized by the Turkish African Business Association (TABA). Held in Istanbul Türkiye from August 29 to 31, 2023, AFEX’23 served as a vital platform for fostering robust trade relations and commercial networks with Africa, setting new standards in international business collaboration.

AFEX’23: A Gateway to Global Partnerships

AFEX’23, a three-day event with a sharp focus on business with Africa, attracted over 700 companies from 10 different sectors, bringing together influential industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Hosted in the vibrant city of Istanbul, the forum provided an exclusive opportunity for businesses to explore and strengthen their ties with the African market.


BEAM Takes Center Stage

As a proud sponsor, BEAM actively engaged in high-level discussions, dynamic networking sessions, and impactful presentations. The company’s representatives shared insights and expertise, emphasizing the importance of sustainable trade practices and innovative solutions in the contemporary global business landscape.