Streamlined Management for Your Security Operation Center

STAP, developed by BEAM, is an innovative solution designed to manage your security operation center processes seamlessly. With features such as an advanced Correlation Engine and agent-based architecture, you can integrate any log source, perform complex correlations, and manage your operations from any location. Join the many businesses leveraging the power of STAP for their security needs.”


What is STAP?

STAP is a comprehensive security operations management tool, designed to centralize and streamline your security protocols. It offers an array of features from integrated SIEM and IDS systems to Threat Intelligence and Firewall Management. It’s robust, user-friendly, and equipped to handle any scale of operations, making your cybersecurity management simpler and more efficient.


SIEM Integration: STAP integrates seamlessly with other SIEM products, enabling central log management.

5651 Integration: Compatible with 5651 log signing products, it allows central log signing and viewing.

IDS System: STAP’s in-built IDS system allows real-time network traffic analysis for instant attack detection.

Product Integrations: Offers ready integration with 20+ products, simplifying log gathering.

Advanced Correlation Engine: Develop complex logical and temporal correlations with your logs.

Reporting System: Auto-retrievable report templates for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and customizable reports.

Shift Report System: Prevents data loss during shift transitions in SOC processes.

Live Attack Monitoring: Visualize attacks in real-time with the Live Attack Map.

Threat Intelligence: Perform manual queries and research with STAP’s threat intelligence source.

Firewall Management: Allows real-time traffic blocking and rule adjustment through integrated Firewall management.

Ticket System: Automatic ticket creation for alerts to keep company officials informed.

Alert System: Receive visual and auditory notifications on your screen for detected cases.


Multiple User and Company Management: STAP allows management, configuration, and monitoring of all connected companies (agents), with user roles tailored according to SOC structures.

Decentralized Architecture: All components in STAP can function in a decentralized manner, providing scalability in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Who is it for?

STAP is ideal for organizations with security operation centers looking for a comprehensive, robust, and scalable solution to manage and streamline their cybersecurity processes. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, if cybersecurity is crucial to your operations, STAP is for you.