Basic Level Safety Assessment to determine

the effectiveness of the safety

functions of your products (TSE K 505)

Basic Level Security Assessment
(TSE K 505)

It includes the regulations required for assessment which ensures that requirements for Information Technologies products or systems are fully satisfied. TSEK505, is one of the important security certifications in the information sector and it is an
assessment program which aims assessment. Certification process is the realized through the method of testing and verification of security features of the product or systems, resistance levels of these features and security vulnerabilities.


One of the aspects which becomes prominent in information technologies certifications is the First Level Security Certification. 1st Level Security Certification is a security assessment program that aims a simple, quick and effective security assessment.

Certification Body authorizes assessment organizations which prepares content such as standards, forms, manuals etc. to ensure application of TSGB (first level security certification) and determine the assessment criteria and general methods for TSGB.

Test Method
Verification Method
Cryptography Evaluation
Simple, Quick and Effective Assessment Process

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