Use STAP to manage

your security

operation center processes

Use STAP to manage your security operation center processes.

It is developed to manage your security operation center processes. With the Correlation Engine available in STAP you can create correlation in any complex structure you require and distribute them to the agents collectively. Thanks to the agent-based architecture of STAP you can keep the central management server in a separate location
and connect any location you require in a decentralized structure. You can integrate any log source in STAP. Our expert R&D team codes filters pertaining to your respective log source and integrates them to the software. Correlation works specific to your sources can also be performed. Properties of the product are specified in detail.
Correlation Engine
Live Attack Monitoring
Threat Intelligence
Ticket System
Alert System
Firewall Management

Integration with other SIEM products in STAP allows central logs management.


Integration with other 5651 log signing products in STAP allows centrally signing and viewing logs.


With the IDS system available in STAP agents, the network traffic can be instantly analyzed with the mirror to be taken from backbone switch and side switches and attack detection can be performed and reported to the Central Management Server.

Product Integrations

Ready integration is available in STAP together with 20+ products. Thus, you can gather the logs from the log source you require with a single click without requiring any additional effort.

Correlation Engine

With the advanced correlation engine developed by BEAM Teknoloji A.Ş. in STAP, you can put the logs taken from any log source in logical and temporal correlations in the manner you prefer.

Report System

With the report engine it is possible to retrieve HIPAA, PCI-DSS etc. report templates via STAP automatically, and it is also possible to create report in the desired manner.

Shift Report System

With the shift report screen created in the system for preventing data losses at the time of shift takeovers in SOC processes, a shift report is entered by the user whose shift is over and a report which allows analysis in the following shifts and in a retrospective manner.

Live Attack Monitoring

With the Live Attack Map screen it is possible to display the attacks live on the map with the data retrieved instantly from IDS' on the agent.

Threat Intelligence

You can perform query and carry out researches manually with the threat intelligence source available in STAP. Data retrieved from the respective source can be automatically created as IDS or Correlation rule.

Firewall Management

It is possible to block the traffic by entering rule to the firewall of the respective company of alert as a result of the alerts created through Firewall integration available in STAP. Blocked IP addresses can be tracked and false-positive cases can be repaired remotely.

Ticket System

It is possible to provide information automatically to the ``Company Official`` by creating ticket as a result of the alerts created through Ticket system available in STAP. Processes of the tickets can be tracked.

Alert System

If a case is detected in the result of the created correlations it is possible to audibly and visually notify alarms created on the screen with mail and ticket over STAP Central Management Application.

Multiple user and Company Management

It is possible to ensure management, configuration and monitoring of all companies (agents) connected to the system via STAP Central Management Application. Logos of all companies (agents) are displayed on the main screen and their Up-Down statuses are represented graphically. It is possible to perform action on company basis upon entering the companies. It is possible to modify the configurations of all components on the remove server centrally using the panel.
Roles of the users are arranged according to SOC structures and any number of users can be created and authorized accordingly.

Decentralized Architecture

All components in STAP can function in a decentralized manner. They can be scaled horizontally and vertically. Thus, even infrastructures with very high EPS value can function.

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