Perform source code

analysis for an in-depth

security assessment

Perform security analyses of all of your source code and minimize the possible errors.

Source code analyses are the action of conducting security analyses with all sources open in a manner that can be considered as white box test intended for application security assessments.
Source code analyses were also performed within our company for numerous applications that are developed with many development languages, platforms, libraries and approaches.


Source code analyses are more efficient than dynamic analysis or black box tests since they offer to security assessors the possibility of reaching the possible error in a more convenient manner. Therefore, performance of source code analyses is also recommended for an in-depth and total security assessment work.

Our company may conduct those analyses among the source code analyses it has realized using the most suitable method for the developer completely in line with the intellectual property concerns of the developers.

In source code analyses, security analyses are primarily performed on the source and verification of pass/fail conditions are verified in the testing environments. All observations made through this process are included in the report which is delivered at the end of the process.

In-Depth Assessment
Compliance with Intellectual Property Concerns
Verification of Pass/Fail Conditions
Open Analysis of All Sources
Observation Report

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