Conduct Network Penetration Tests in order to discover

ny security vulnerabilities before the attackers

Conduct Network Penetration Tests in order to discover
any security vulnerabilities before the attackers.

It is an inspection service which is performed on the corporate sources which are accessible via internet (such as DNS, FTP, e-mail, web, firewall etc.) optionally through
authorized or unauthorized user rights using different methods, allowing to discover the possible security gaps known in this manner before the attackers.


Network&System Penetration Tests: Security tests performed through external and internal network covers the works of inspection by accessing via the corporate network to the server and systems which are required to be analyzed. These inspection works cover security scanning against known vulnerabilities, security scans addressing the application depending on the application type, and system configuration checks.

Wireless Network Penetration Tests: We test the security of the wireless networks and the devices connected to wireless networks available within your corporation.

DoS/DDoS: We measure software and architectural resistance of all internet systems owned by the corporation against DoS / DDoS attacks.

VOIP Tests: Through detailed analysis of systems, it is aimed to test the frauds and weaknesses which may occur via VOIP.

3 Different Types of Penetration Test
Blackbox, Graybox, Whitebox
Inspection of Servers and Systems
Security Scan Against Known Vulnerabilities
System Configuration Checks
Compliance with Methodologies:

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