BEAM Technology

Accredited Cyber Security Evaluation and Testing Center
Common Criteria

Being a Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) assessment center, we conduct security assessments for your IT solutions.


Take measures against weaknesses which may occur in your corporation or your company and maximize your cyber security through cyber security services developed by BEAM Teknoloji.

Training & Consultancy

In addition to custom or periodical trainings you need on information security and in our fields of activity, you are offered with consultancy services regarding secure software development and Common Criteria.

BEAM Teknoloji Integrated Cyber Security Service

1. Infrastructure Security

Gaps in your security structure are detected through penetration tests and security of your infrastructure is ensured with repeated tests.

2. Product Security

Your products that are delivered or used are subjected to security testing to eliminate any vulnerabilities.

3. Personnel Security

Personnel who form the weakest link in the security chain are detected through awareness tests and information security is ensured through computer based trainings.

4. 24/7 Security

 Your corporation will always be ready against cyber attacks 24/7 with Cyber Operation Center service.

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