Compliance with Personal Data Protection Law

KVKK Technical Compliance Services

Protection of data which is the most valuable asset of an organization has gained more importance than before particularly upon enforcement of Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698.
Especially, ensuring that use of such data which is stored and processed with information systems, only occurs as intended without allowing any penetration has become one of the most significant responsibilities of the organizations.


As BEAM Teknoloji, we offer consultancy and testing services for creation, configuration and implementation of your information systems in compliance with the law in the following fields that you will need:

Authorization Matrix
Access Logs
Log Records
Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization
Authority Control
User Accounts
Penetration Tests
Data Masking
Key Management
Network Security
Application Security
Attack Detection and Prevention Systems
Data Loss Prevention Software
Up-to-Date Antivirus Systems


Our training and consultancy services are shaped through the realized experiences.

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