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Common Criteria

Common Criteria Evaluation & Consultancy

ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria State-of-Art IT Product Security Standard Recognized by 27 Countries Worldwide.

Companies supplying IT security or related products to governments are increasingly being held to comply with a minimum security baseline. This requires rigorous IT security testing and a formal evaluation to determine if IT products have been correctly developed and whether they’re effective in countering the security problems as claimed.

The Common Criteria for Information Technology (IT) Security Evaluation, also known as the ISO 15408 standard, is the current standard for specifying and evaluating the security features of IT products and networks.

Common Criteria offers the first global standard for IT security evaluation and validation/certification fully endorsed by government bodies in participating countries.

The services we can provide include:

  • Security Target and Protection Profile Development and Evaluation
  • Consulting Services and Evidence Development
  • Assurance Maintenance for Updates to Certified Products
  • Common Criteria Training
  • Ortak Kriterler Değerlendirmesi ve Sertifikasyonu

Our proven processes and experienced security experts can help you quickly and cost-effectively certify your products.We’re dedicated to helping organizations large and small successfully test, secure and certify their products.