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Evaluation Standard Common Criteria

Common Criteria

ISO/IEC 15408 standard of Common Criteria (or CC) which is recognized as the Information Technologies Security Assessment Standard is a standard which includes the methods that ensure application of any kind of information technology product to various security features.
Common Criteria is a flexible standard in terms of points of application. It ensures this by providing a set of common requirements for security functionality of IT products and assurance measures applied to these products during a security assessment.

Security assessments in our company are carried out and reported by certified and specialist personnel according to TS 13638 standard. Security assessment processes are regularly inspected by Institute of Turkish Standards (TSE).

It is ensured that those products are developed accurately and resist against possible threats through Common Criteria assessment process and in-depth IT security tests since corporations and organizations that offer products related to IT security are required to comply with growingly more security requirements.

Preparation and assessment of Security Goal Documentation and Protection Profile
Consultancy for preparation of assessment evidences
Update of certified products
Common Criteria Training
Common Criteria Assessment and Certification

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