Developing Sustainability


BEAM Teknoloji Test Center has been working on software security since 2011, to provide every security need of its customers in a fast, effective and low-cost manner to make them competitive on their field of interest.

BEAM Teknoloji A.S.

BEAM Technology has been founded with Ministry of Industry’s Tech-Entrepreneurship Fund stated by Turkish code# 5746 as “Software Quality and Security Testing Center” on April 2011. With its expert staff participated in many National and International projects successfully, BEAM Technology is now devoting its know-how and experience to an independent testing center that IT sector is lacking. With the vendor-independent nature it has; BEAM Technology’s main focus is to provide quality and security needs of its customers.

Parallel to the evolving technology, the competing in IT sector is becoming harsher every day. In order to survive in this habitat, companies have to develop more qualified and secure software with lower costs compared to its alternatives. For many IT companies these requirements often are not met properly and sometimes at all because of the financial overhead it has. BEAM Technology, with the technical and human resources it has, is ready to co-operate with IT companies to improve quality and efficiency of product development process comparably with lower costs.

BEAM Technology, according to its vision and mission, is aiming to build partnerships with the development companies to improve their ability to compete in both national and international market with qualified products developed with lower costs.